Olympic Speaker Jonathan Edwards

Corporations, Schools, Associations and Organizations LOVE Olympian – Jon Edwards

From the earliest days of his Olympic career Jonathan Edwards has become well versed speaking to companies the likes of York International, Coca-Cola, and Verizon, and others.  He has evolved from an Olympic athlete talking about what he THOUGHT was the meaning to success at the Olympic level to absolutely KNOWING what it takes to succeed in real life.  There is a difference.

As an entrepreneur Jonathan understands that today’s audiences are faced with unprecedented change.  From students unsure of their future to a workforce that is becoming more and more UNproductive.

A voracious reader and researcher Jonathan helps audiences focus on results while navigating change at unprecedented speed. Using common principles from the competitive world of games and sport.

While many Olympians will entertain you with their Olympic story, Jonathan will transform your audince by giving them concrete tools to succeed.

Your audience will fully grasp that “life is a timed event” and that you can acheive your best with a proven system.

Jonathan Edwards will challenge your organization to aim higher and improve their mindset and productivity while they are at it.

He will show your group tips, tools, and techniques used by Olympic athletes that work in today’s world where change is rapidly approaching for many, and all ready here for some.

Jonathan – will guide you on a journey to:

  • adopt a challenge mindest
  • embrace your three key abilities
  • allocate resources (yours and others).
  • seek appropriate feedback.
  • toss passion out the window and crave results (good and bad).
  • and much more!

Depending on what your group needs most, Jonathan is happy to customize his talk to fit your group.  Pre-talk questionnaires, interviews with top producers (as well as not-so-top producers) allow Jonathan to tailor his talk to fit your needs.  This is not some canned speech regurgitated to your group.  Multiple-hours of prep make sure that this talk is perfect for you.

We’re here to help you!  Let’s see if Jonathan would be a great fit for your next speaking engagement.  Fill out the form below or email us today>>>>>


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